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Buying a house is definitely a big investment which of course requires a lot of thought and consideration before finalizing a buy. It is course dependent on many aspects like area, locality, budget, size and requirement. You could choose to buy a brand-new house or even an existing home. Therefore, before finalizing the purchase, always engage in a pre-purchase pest inspection of the house, so that you are assured that pests like termites have not caused any damage to the building structure and that they have not colonized in large numbers in the house. Because, if there has been a termite infestation, then you may be at risk because the building façade could be affected and faulty and could lead to a gradual deterioration, and give rise to safety concerns. This will also affect the market value and resale value of your property.

Therefore, the folks at City and Inland Pest Control Services, our experienced, full-accredited exterminators and technicians carry out extensive, pre-purchase pest inspections visual-aided inspections wherein we combine the latest in technology with experience in any pest detection.

For this, we even engage in Thermal Imaging and detection processes so that we can easily identify and locate those hard-to-find places of pest colonies that are nested between the floors and walls. If pests like termites are concealed in areas that are not easy to reach unless of course, we will have to drill or remove wall linings or ceiling spaces to locate the termite colonies. Many a time, termites or pests colonise in the outdoor areas too, which cannot be detected or found unless of course, a pest inspection is not undertaken.

At City and Inland Pest Control Services, our pre-purchase pest inspection services follow all mandatory Australian Standards requisites and every inspection is carried out by a qualified termite technician or inspector. After completion of inspection, if we find the residence, pest-free, then we issue a clearance certificate in this regard.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a house is definitely a big investment which of course requires a lot of thought and consideration read more

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