Termite Protection Perth
Termite Protection Perth

Termite Control and Protection In Perth, WA

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Termite Control Perth - Termites have the potential to do great damage to buildings and homes, due to their wood-eating habits. City and Inland termite Control Services offers experienced termite inspections in Perth, WA that can attest whether an infestation is present. Our experienced termite controllers can then proceed to eradicate termites from your property.

Termite Control Perth

Do you want to undertake a termite or pest inspection at your Perth residence to identify if your house is infested by these pests or not? Before embarking on termite treatment Perth, do you know a comprehensive inspection is required?

The Perth-based, City and Inland termite Control Services are specialised in pest and termite control Perth. We extend our services in and around Perth and nearby suburbs. We are aware that termites, which are also sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’ can be very damaging and destructive to your residences and building façade because they build colonies and eat into the wooden columns and structures. Therefore if you are looking for a successful termite protection Perth, reach out to us. We undertake detailed termite inspections before determining the termite treatment.

We have our own in-house termite and pest treatment Perth and management methods. We use potent baiting methods and set up a barrier which helps protect your home or office from any future infestation. For termite control, we use eco-friendly products like Termidor, Premise, Maxxthor and the Exterra interception and baiting system.

Services for Termite Control in Perth

Also known as ‘white ants’ in Australia, termites actually belong to the cockroach family. Often they will remain undetected, because they mostly shy away from the light and rarely venture out into the open. Many home-owners do not know that their house is infected, until wooden structures are severely damaged and show changes to the surface. Once termites have reached the inside of a building they will continue to damage cloth, carpets and other materials.

When you are thinking of buying a house it is crucial to allow an expert to inspect the property before making a major investment and then finding yourself having to spend money on termite protection Perth.

If you want to find out more about one of the best termite baiting system Perth has to offer, please call us now. We are always happy to answer your queries and discuss options that suit your specific needs.

With a thorough inspection Perth, plan an effective pest protection and termite control Perth. To help protect your home or office in Perth, from pest and termite infestation and to set up a barrier for termite inspection and protection, call, City and Inland termite Control Services at 0403 323 278 or call us on (08) 9244 7772.

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